Scott E. Hensler


Scott Hensler has been dedicated to the Deliverance Ministries for over a decade. In his dedication to understanding the demonic issues that influence our lives he has devoted his ministry to teach and deliver all who will accept his findings and act on them accordingly. Scott entered the deliverance ministry in 2001, after experiencing first-hand demonic possession of a loved one and the destruction it caused on all, including himself. Deciding to search for answers he shockingly found that the Christian churches were not able to assist or help. He found the church unwilling to even address the demonic realm issues that Christians are facing today. He finally discovered a deliverance ministry in the Phoenix area that knew exactly what to do to eliminate the evil spirits and remove the curses. After seeing how God worked in his life after deliverance he has been dedicated to setting others free ever since.

   Scott is also an active amateur radio operator (HAM radio) holding an Extra Class FCC license - KF7ZDT. His love of the hobby has become a passion to assure communication when times become hazardous and normal forms of communication are lost to possible EMP attack or solar wind storms.


    At the present time, Scott runs and operates web site where you’ll find information on today’s spiritual issues and News articles about the last days. Scott also is active on under “Scott Hensler Network” where he teaches and prays for other on air.

    Scott has authored other books concerning spiritual issues: Borderline Personality Disorder was released in 2012. - Copyright - All Rights Reserved - 2014

By Scott E. Hensler

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Scott E. Hensler

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