Chapter 10 - UFO’s

In Mesa, Arizona, around 1999, while testing a new CCD video camera system I had developed to attach to telescopes and binoculars, I witnessed my first UFO flying the same FFA commercial flight path from New Mexico to Phoenix, Arizona. It was glowing red in color like a small LED light found on electronic devices. It was traveling so fast I had little time to react to the intense movement and speed it was traveling as it came from east to the west. Instead of it turning north to Phoenix, it turned south to the Superstition Mountain range around Apache Junction away from the approach of Sky Harbor International Airport. One reason for me being in that location other than testing my camera is there was a high amount of UFO sightings each week being reported in that area. I thought this would be a great opportunity to possibly capture a UFO on my new camera. Again, the UFO was so fast I did not get a steady visual lock on to it to record any video footage. Instead, I stood there in disbelief at what I had just seen. The turn it made and the speed at which it performed and continued in, I believe would have destroyed any conventional aircraft from the G-force that would have been produced from such a dynamic display of motion. Anyone in the UFO craft could not have physically tolerated that intense change of direction and dynamic motion. I never disregarded UFO’s at that point and time, but now I knew for sure they really did exist! I waited until the sun went down completely. I never saw another one that evening or ever again in that location.

   A few years earlier around 1997, in Phoenix, was where the large public sighting of one of the largest UFO’s in physical size was ever recorded. It was witnessed by thousands of people not far from my home location. I myself did not witness this particular UFO sighting. However, that event is what started me looking up and taking note to anything that moved in the sky. I had just started my CCD camera business and did not know it would lead me to see my first UFO sighting later in 1999, as I described.

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